My Friend’s Fridge

My friend Karis, recently posted these pictures on Facebook of some organizing she did in her fridge.  It was so inspiring, I decided to share it with my blog world.  What great ideas for anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle and especially appropriate for those busy parents out there.  These are her words and her pictures.  I hope they inspire you too!

I get tired of buying fresh produce, just to see it go bad because in a rush or after a long day, nobody wants to stand there and cut up fresh fruit/veggies. It’s much easier to grab a sugary granola bar, a handful of animal crackers, or skip eating altogether. Not cool! SO…HERE is my fridge. Fully stocked with pre-cut, pre-rationed, Mommy-approved goodies!!!


In our hurry to make a lunch & get out the door to work, Ryan & I can grab from the “healthy shelves.” There’s veggies, yogurt, and pre-boiled eggs for post-workout protein!





Snack bin! This week’s choices are crunchy veggie packs, fresh fruit goody bags, & mixed nut/raisin mix






My personal pitfall: running out of time to make my own lunch! After hitting a 5am kickboxing class, coming home to wake up 3 kids, getting them all dressed, fed, and packed for school, I barely have time to get myself ready for work. I scarf down whole wheat toast w/ peanut butter & run out the door with my coffee mug in hand. Come lunchtime, I’m starving & realize I didn’t have time to pack myself a lunch. 😦 SO…here’s my solution: pre-made salad. Grab-n-go goodness

Another solution to make sure I eat a clean lunch: pre-baked chicken breast. Seasoned with salt, pepper, and lemon slices….this is the perfect grab-n-go protein to pair with my salad!





Last, but not least, I’m continuing to only buy water. We never have pop, juice boxes, or lemonade in the house. Just a personal decision, to keep out the extra sugar & ensure we drink plenty of water!!! I love seeing my kids grab water when they are thirsty. 🙂


One thought on “My Friend’s Fridge

  1. So inspiring that a working mother with 3 children can make the time to invest in her family’s long term healthy lives!

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