Sitting is Killing Us

These days most of us spend our time sitting at a desk.  Our bodies are not meant to sit all day and this is taking a toll on our bodies.  If you need to sit for your job, this might seem discouraging, but take heart.  You can implement changes that will reduce the negative impact of a sedentary day.  Take stretching breaks.  Get up and take a walk around the office.  Have a meeting in the conference room standing up.  Sit on an exercise ball instead of a regular chair for a few hours a day.  Building movement into your day will help reduce stress, build core muscles, and limit the impact of sitting all day.  And no matter what, do not spend your evenings sitting in front of the television.  Take a family walk or bike ride.  Work in the yard.  Play at the park.  Your body needs a break from sitting.


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