For years I suffered debilitating headaches.  My 8th grade year of school I spent more time home with a severe headache than I did at school.  After ruling out serious causes, like tumors, it was decided that I was dealing with severe migraine headaches.  My vision was distorted, I couldn’t keep any food down and the only thing that would eventually help was if I got myself to sleep so I could “sleep it off.”  This was a tough feat with the amount of pain I was in daily.  Eventually, I figured out my triggers and was able to do my best to avoid them.  Diet, irregular sleep patterns and fluorescent lighting ended up being major triggers for me.  Yet, I was still put on a major barbiturate in order to control the daily headaches.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized how many have similar stories to mine.  Migraine has become a buzz word, and certainly there are those that use it synonymously with a “bad headache” when they don’t actually have a migraine.  Still, why do so many suffer with debilitating headaches these days?  What is it in our environments, our diets, or bodies that is creating this headache prone world?

I’ve had 3 different clients who suffered from debilitating headaches that have found a considerable reduction in their headaches with the use of supplements.  Just by taking a quality pharmaceutical grade multi-vitamin and the additional antioxidant CoQ10, my clients have seen major changes.  Much research has been done on the usage of CoQ10 for headache sufferers.  And many of those using CoQ10 have found up to a 50% reduction in their headaches in both frequency and severity.  I have found the same with my few clients and have been encouraging my other friends and family who face headaches to try the same.  Why are people so much more willing to take handfuls of painkillers, over trying preventative measures?  CoQ10 naturally occurs in your body and has many benefits.  Just make sure you’re using a bio-available form of CoQ10 that is fully soluble and free of crystals… then you can experience firsthand its amazing effects.

USANA’s CoQuinone 30 contains a full 30 mg of CoQ10 and 12.5 mg of alpha lipoic acid per soft gel capsule. USANA’s unique formulation provides these important antioxidants in a natural mixture of lecithin and vegetable-derived glycerin monooleate in a base of medium chain triglycerides. Clinical tests performed in USANA’s laboratories show that CoQuinone 30 delivers CoQ10 in much higher quantities than from solid formulations or from competitive liquid formulations, making CoQuinone 30 more bioavailable than other CoQ10 products.

Even the infographic below recognizes some easy remedies for headaches and supplements makes the list.




There’s a new buzz word in the allergy world these days.  Have you heard it tossed around?  The culprit is Candida Albicans and it is waging war in many bodies these days causing a condition called Candidiasis.  And if you can make it to the end of my blog article, I’ll tell you how it has affected my family personally… 🙂

First let me start at the beginning and give you some background on this condition with a few facts.


  • Yeast is a fungus that covers the surface of ALL living things.  (Mildew, mold, mushrooms are all examples of yeasts)
  • Candida is a yeast in the human body and its job is to protect its host from other germs by keeping a state of balance.
  • Because of allergy and environmental conditions, the inner balance is disrupted causing a condition called CANDIDIASIS
  • In CANDIDIASIS, yeast competes with germs for space within our bodies and often the bacteria that used to keep  candida in check is no longer present so this yeast invades and colonizes in our body tissues.
  • The yeast colonies release toxins that travel throughout the body and produce dysfunction.


  • CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM:  Anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, irritability, hyperactivity, poor memory, fuzzy thinking, inability to concentrate, learning disability, numbness, headaches, feeling of unreality
  • SKIN: Acne, itching, hives, psoriasis, eczema, diaper rash
  • MUSCULO-SKELETAL: Muscle aches, pain, weakness, joint pain, and swelling.
  • RESPIRATORY: Asthma, earache, cough, hay fever, bad breath, nasal congestion, post-nasal drip, sore throats
  • GASTRO-INTESTINAL: Heartburn, indigestion, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and gas
  • GENITO-URINARY: Infertility, impotence, reduced libido, recurrent vaginitis, PMS
  • GENERAL FATIGUE: Weight loss or gain, food cravings and sensitivities.  Consider such illnesses as: diabetes, arthritis, lupus and M.S.  These are all strongly connected to CANDIDIASIS


  • GENETIC TENDENCY: Some people are clearly more sensitive than others and it tends to run in families.
  • OVERUSE OF ANTIBIOTICS: These promote yeast growth because they kill the bacteria that controls yeast
  • INHALATION OF MOLDS:  You become allergic to the air you breathe which is riddled with Mold
  • IMMUNE SUPPRESSANTS: When hormone imbalances occur, the immune system can no longer control CANDIDA growth.  Oral contraceptives and steroids cause this because natural hormone balance is altered when yeast by-products bind with cells and block hormonal function.  Pregnancy is considered a state of immune suppression
  • POOR DIET:  The digestive tract is environmentally sensitive and becomes imbalanced with the diet.  If you don’t have the essential fats, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids in your body, your metabolism cannot properly ingest the needed nutrients.  Specifically, sugar feeds this yeast and exacerbates your symptoms.


  • CHANGE OF DIET:  Cut out sugar and yeast.  Limit dairy products and eat lean meats.  Avoid nitrates, candied fruits, most nuts and mushrooms.  Don’t drink fermented alcoholic beverages, and limit grains such as wheat, rye, corn, barley, oats, and millet. Avoid all packaged and prepared processed foods.  Remember that words such as enriched, and fortified = YEAST!  Also, rotating your food so that you eat no particular item more than once every 4 days can really help
  • NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS: Digestive enzymes and acidophilus are a great addition to the diet.  Also make sure you take a quality multivitamin daily.
  • DRUG TREATMENT:  Sometimes medications such as Nystatin, a simple anti-fungal agent, are necessary.

PERSONAL NOTES:  Just so you don’t think this is just another research article I did for fun, I want to let you know that CANDIDIASIS has affected my family personally.  Through recent allergy testing we had found that my husband has this condition.  Over the last few years Ben had been facing strange symptoms like dizziness, brain fog, muscle aches, weakness, poor sleep, headaches, heartburn, nasal congestion, earaches and intermittent coughs.  They would come and go, but this last year they’d grown more and more frequent. He’d been to a variety of specialists and had every test imaginable done.  In the midst of all this answer-seeking we decided to overhaul our whole diet using USANA‘s RESET products.  We basically cut out sugar, ate low glycemic balanced meals, and took their top rated muti-vitamin and supplements.  Within days, many of Ben’s symptoms disappeared and he was feeling like a new man.  We thought it was simply because we were eating healthy, but after this recent allergy testing we realized there was more to his story.  When he showed his allergist the USANA products that he’d been using for the last 3 months, the doctor was extremely impressed with the ingredients and commented that it was no wonder that Ben was feeling considerably better.  We also noticed a considerable change in our second son through the diet change and the addition of USANIMALS children’s vitamins.  It makes me wonder whether he is genetically predispositioned towards the same imbalance.  Yet another testament to this incredible company and their amazing products!  These products truly do change lives!  We’re living proof!

***If you think you or a loved one might have CANDIDIASIS, you can seek the advice of an allergist/ENT to get conclusive proof.  But, because the most important piece in fighting CANIDIASIS in your body is dietary changes, you should start NOW.  It is better for all of us to eat the way CANDIDIASIS requires.  If you’d like help with this using USANA products, I’d love to coach you towards better health.

Interview Call for USANA

I recently did a global interview conference call for USANA and OneBody International.  This was kind of crazy considering I’d only been with the company about 7 weeks at the time.  The purpose of the call was to tell Ben’s and my story and how we were introduced to USANA’s RESET, our experience with the products and why I decided to become an independent business owner myself.  If you’re interested in hearing the interview, and my story with USANA, feel free to do so here.