Grocery Help

Tips to Help You Grocery Shop

  • Plan ahead – set aside some time to write out your menu for the week.
  • Pick out meals that you can make in larger quantities and freeze them for the nights you’re in a pinch
  • Make your grocery list utilizing the low glycemic food lists, checking your stand-by recipes for any areas that you’ll need to make substitutions (low glycemic options swapped in for high glycemic ingredients)
  • Until you know all the high glycemic foods and ingredients to avoid, bring a “cheat sheet” of these with you to the store.
  • In general, spend most of your time around the perimeter of the store.  This is where you’ll find meat/fish, fresh produce, cheese, fresh salads, frozen fruits and veggies.
  • Avoid boxed, processed foods loaded with preservatives
  • If possible go to a natural food market to find healthier boxed and convenient options
  • When looking at cereals, crackers, grains, baked goods, make sure to read the labels carefully.

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