These are actual testimonials of USANA customers

“I have lost 14 pounds now and feel absolutely amazing.  My cravings for processed food have diminished greatly.  The swelling in my legs is gone and my arthritis has improved.  I am so pleased that I have now encouraged my wife to begin the program so that this can be a way of life for both of us.  Thank you so much for introducing us to USANA.”

“I was skeptical that this would work for me.  I have a HUGE sweet tooth and struggle with dieting.  But after 2 days on the RESET, I was shocked that I felt no desire to eat simple sugars or junk food.  It was so easy to get through and I lost 11 lbs.  I now realize the importance of keeping my insulin levels steady and the nutrimeal for breakfast helps me get a great start on the day!  Thank you so much.  Can’t wait to see what the next few months bring!”

” ‎You can use me for another testimonial. I’ve been so amazed with my increased energy level from using the chocolate nutrimeal and peanut butter bars. Before, I always crashed at least once a day… my head would get ‘fuzzy’, I’d have tunnel vision, a terrible headache, any work for the day was over. Now I start the day with a shake and munch on a bar or other ‘clean eating’ food every few hours and feel great! I’m never hungry. My energy level is even-keeled. I often get home from work, feeling like I could have already eaten dinner and not known. And I end up usually having another shake because I miss the taste! I may have turned into a boring eater, but I feel great!”

“Thanks for connecting Ben and I with USANA! We are on day 3 of the RESET program. Our cravings are greatly reduced, we feel full and satisfied, have much more energy and have lost weight (Ben has lost 4 lbs and I’ve lost 2 lbs). We’re excited to use this low glycemic diet to reset our blood sugars and spur us on towards cleaner and healthier eating habits!

“I LOVE THE NUTRIMEAL!!! YOU were right!!! It is so delicious and the perfect meal to give me all my nutrients since I am always on the go!!” No artificial flavors, colors and it keeps your insulin levels perfect with the GOOD carbs, protein, fiber and fat. It’s amazing

“RESET – 3 shakes a day and 2 bars is a great way to dive into the program. My mom has lost approximately 13 lbs since we started! I
have not been weighing myself but my clothes are much looser. I would say I
have lost close to 5-8 lbs the past couple of weeks. Equally as important, my mom and I feel more awake and more energized. I’msleeping better as well. Oh and we have NO cravings. Honestly. The cravings sugar and fatty goods are just not there. We are both eating smaller portions and able to resist the evil C’s (cookies, cakes, and creams). The transform phase is so easy. I love not worrying about what to eat for breakfast or lunch and having a bar for a snack. Because we are eating all day, dinners are reasonable (and low-glycemic of course). I love the flexibility. If I have a day where I need to go out to lunch with a client or vendor for work, I simply have a shake for dinner.  And I take my shaker with me EVERYWHERE. It is too easy and I am no longer eating junk for lunch b/c of being too busy or on the road. And my mom and I are no longer overeating at dinner or eating unhealthy fast dinners b/c we aren’t starving from not eating all day.


“The RESET has been a miracle for me.  Struggling with Diabetes for the past 20 years, I have had to control my blood sugars with medications.  My Doctor was about to put me back on Insulin injections at my next appointment as my blood sugars would range anywhere from 250-400.  After the RESET, my fasting sugar was down to 160 and I lost 8 pounds.  After one week on the Tranform phase, my fasting sugars were at 108!  This is nothing short of a miracle.  To this date,  I have lost 20 pounds, my husband has lost 20 pounds and I am  now helping my family who also struggles with diabetes.  My sister’s blood sugars are down to 90, her eczema has cleared up dramatically and her skin isn’t yellow anymore.  Thank you so much for introducing us to these incredible products that are helping us make lifestyle changes in the way we eat!!”

A Recorded Testimony of one of Lindsey’s customers who is a diabetic.

(This is more for prediabetics/diabetics – but so interesting to hear how her blood sugar changed) As a diabetic, Lynette has struggled with her blood sugars for 15 years. In just three weeks, they have gone from averaging 300-400 to the low 100’s (almost normal blood sugar). She has also lost 15 pounds as a side effect of RESETTING her insulin levels!

Dial in number: 213-417-9299

Access Code: 339006

Reference Number: 1


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